05/04/11: Serial updates, LT3 contest, and new paperbacks!

Serial updates

Check out this week’s updates! We’ve got Part 1 of Case 009: Beauty in Repose, part of Megan Derr’s Dance in the Dark, as well as Chapters 11 and 12 of Love and Wrath by Kaseka Nvita. Don’t forget to check out Chapter 3 of our third serial, Mohegan: Native Instincts by India Jackson! You can access all current and past chapters from the serial fiction page.

Pimp LT3 Contest!

Less Than Three Press is holding a “Pimp LT3” contest! Prizes include a set of free, personalized and autographed copies of Megan Derr’s Sandstorm and The King’s Harem, as well as three runner-up prizes of a $10 book market gift certificate! To enter, all you need to do is pimp Less Than Three Press. Link us on your blog, twitter, facebook; post a flyer for LT3 and take a picture! Simply include a link to Less Than Three Press (http://www.lessthanthreepress.com), then leave a comment here with a link to the proof and you’re automatically entered.


  • One entry only! You can pimp us in multiple places, but you can only enter once (i.e., you cannot leave one comment for a link on LJ and another for a link on twitter).
  • Contest is open from now until 8:00 p.m. Eastern time on Tuesday, May 10.
  • Winners will be chosen randomly.

New paperbacks in the Book Market

You can now purchase the following paperbacks from the LT3 Book Market! Click a title for more detail.

33 Responses to “05/04/11: Serial updates, LT3 contest, and new paperbacks!”

  1. Linked an icon on the sidebar of my LJ at http://foolish-m0rtal.livejournal.com/

  2. ebbster says:

    My first Livejournal post EVER. I prefer to stalk other people, not enter my own stuff, but I’ll make an exception this once. It’s also on my Facebook.


  3. tigs says:

    I posted it on the slash pile, cause honestly I was suprised it hadn’t already been rec’d.

  4. Narkkasu says:

    Livejournal. Gonna post it on twitter too. Was gonna post it on facebook then I remembered my brothers friends with me and my bf’s mom >.> dunno if I wanna have that conversation yet. <3 u all.

  5. Mythologian says:

    pimped it on my FB, so all my Yaoi-con pals who haven’t seen your awesomness yet can check it out ^_^


  6. Alice Montrose says:

    I’ve been pimping it for a while, both on LJ and my site: http://shadowdiaries.armster.org/links.php

    (It’s also on the index page, but I’ve requested a banner for that, so it would be cheating. ^^;;;;)

  7. Erica says:

    Pimped it on FB and Gaia (how embarrassing) but you need to be member I think to view posts in the forums on Gaia and my FB is set to private so I print screened them.


  8. Noctern says:

    I pimped it on my twitter, but it’s set on private, so I took a screenshot. :D


  9. Decayingmoon says:

    I’ve added the link to LT3 to the pimpage list of my journal, on the right side, and made relative post ^^

    Also on Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/decayingmoon

  10. Miscella says:

    It has a better chance for viewers on my tumblr!! ^____^

    • No worry, we knew what you meant. I am going to remove your other comment, which is going to make this one look odd, but that’ll make it easier when we get to the random drawing. ^__^

  11. Miscella says:

    O___o ‘Better chance’ as in my tumblr has more chance of it getting picked up there then if I posted it on my livejournal which is a barren wasteland NOT as in my tumblr gets more hits than the other people participating (I KNOW it doesn’t). <_< This is probably just me panicking over something small. Sorry for posting twice.

  12. Silver says:

    I’m afraid I’m not terribly active anywhere but facebook, and as I’m friends with my grandmother on facebook (… and as Narkkasu put it “not ready to have that conversation yet”… and probably not ever…) I’m afraid I can’t post it there.


    Oh… I could go post it on Gaia too… I haven’t been on for so long….

  13. L says:

    Is it just me, or does Mohegan: Native Instincts border on “furry” or whatever they call it nowadays when two humanoid animals get it on? And it also contains a description of almost-sex between two wolves. I was not prepared to read National Geographic XD The story should come with a warning!

  14. As far as fixed places go, LT3 love is in my:
    – yGal profile (http://yaoi.y-gallery.net/user/newtypeshadow/)
    – LJ links sidebar (http://newtypeshadow.livejournal.com/)
    – web site links (http://kasekanvita.com/)

    Alice Montrose mentioned a banner though–will there be one for general word-spreading use?

  15. Cassie says:

    So, Here’s for my twitter account: http://twitter.com/#!/Cassie8212001

    And here’s for my LJ account: http://cassie821.livejournal.com/1043.html

  16. Alie says:

    I added a link to my sidebar, I’m not sure why I didn’t do this sooner!

  17. Alie says:

    Well crap, I forgot to add the link: http://asitha.livejournal.com/

  18. Rappleart says:


    I’m happy to spread the word :D

  19. Alyssa says:

    I’m a lurker, so this is my first journal post!


  20. Sirod says:

    My twitter is set to private so here’s a screenshot. http://imgur.com/MPBLr I was going to put it on facebook too but not too many people know about this side of me. It’s also why I kept it pretty simple instead of writing something like how a harem boy a day keeps the doctor coming back again and again for more. ;]

  21. riosuu says:

    though this was more of a pimping of Maderr, I did always include a link to LT3P :3


  22. zaou says:


    not much of a webbie really ^o^
    thanks for the opp, LT3

  23. Raelynn says:


    I advertised it over at Deviantart via a picture and journal. ;D
    Sadly had to rush it to get it done in time…but I’ll be finishing the picture later. ;A;

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