Serial updates and What Matters Most

Serial Updates

Check out this week’s serial updates, including:

  • Part 1 of On Wings Not My Own by Evie Kiels, part of the Something Happened on the Way to Heaven serial anthology
  • Part 2 of Polar Nights by T.T. Kove
  • Part 3 of Flamewick by Megan Derr, part of the Wick serial

Important! If you are a serial subscriber, make sure you download your free copy of Always Masked. The free download is available until 8:00 Eastern Time on May 22. You can access the download links from the top of the Always Masked story page.

What Matters Most by Sasha L. Miller

Less Than Three Press is pleased to present What Matters Most by Sasha L. Miller, a short story now available in the LT3 Book Market for just $3.99!

Standing up for what is right, Kyros has found, is a lonely endeavor. It’s also a dangerous one, as the people he’s fighting have already killed his friend, threatened others, and are now going after Kryos’ mother to finally force him to stand down.

Knowing full well his mother won’t listen to the men he’s sent to take her to safety, Kyros reluctantly returns home to the village he has not seen in years. But returning home means encountering the man he never forgot, and Kyros find himself forced to choose between doing what is right and what matters most…

What Matters Most cover

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