Serial updates and Always Masked

Serial Updates

Check out this week’s serial updates, including Part 6 of Moonwitch by M.J. Willow, part of our Bad Moon Rising serial anthology, and Part 5 of Cinder-Elle by Mell Eight, part of our fairy tale serial. For all current and past chapters, visit the serial fiction page.

Always Masked by Megan Derr

Less Than Three Press is pleased to present Always Masked by Megan Derr, now available in the Book Market for $2.99!

Once a highly regarded member of the Moon Clan, one of the secretive, notorious Masked, Naoki was afflicted by a terrible, incurable curse in the line of duty. Now, for the safety of the clan and all they protect, he spends his day exiled to a remote mountain region, far from the islands he once called home.

His misery is briefly lifted when he chances upon a man being attacked by bandits—a man who proves to be far more than he appears, who needs the unique skills Naoki can provide, and can offer far more than Naoki ever dared hope he could find.

Always Masked cover

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