Author: Carlo Angelo

Hailing from the Queensland state of Australia, Carlo Angelo grew up in Cairns before he moved to Brisbane, where he would graduate from Griffith University with a Bachelor of Animation with 1st Class Honours. But, reality soon reared its unfortunate head, as a visual arts degree does not guarantee a job in that field. Whoops. However, he’s still as determined as before to write, illustrate, and tell stories for a living.

A comic-artist, illustrator, animator, and, of course, writer, Carlo had been spinning stories in any shape or form for as long as he could remember. Carlo enjoys webcomics, animated short films, and fantasy fiction, generously peppered with queer protagonists and relationships. He dreams of working for Bioware as one of their writers for the Dragon Age series (his favourite video game series) one day soon (penning up a queer companion, of course)… Just putting that out there in the universe.

Unfinished Business