Author: Kara Race-Moore

Kara Race-Moore studied history at Simmons College as an excuse to read about the soap opera lives of British royals. Although the Tudors will always be a favorite time period, she loves to read about all times and places and especially loves the turbulent period of the 1930’s because so much began in that period that would have repercussions for decades.

She worked in educational publishing, casting the molds for future generations’ minds, but has since moved into the more civilized world of litigation. For a day job, working with lawyers has the benefits of paying the bills and never running the risk of becoming dull or repetitive.

Kara Race-Moore’s first exposure to the horror genre was through R.L. Stine’s famed Goosebumps series Nickelodeon’s Are you Afraid of the Dark?, leaving her wondering how to join the Midnight Society. Ms. Race-Moore resides in Boston, Massachusetts and is currently working on a variety of other short stories and novellas of multiple genres, working to be a part of the push to move those stuck in the margins to the center of the page. She has published short stories in science fiction, horror, and historical fiction and is always on the lookout for new ideas.

Less Than Dead