Misread Romance [Ebook]

Author(s): Xara X. Xanakas  

Categories: Contemporary   Gay  

Series: Musical Chairs

9781620043547  ♦   $2.99  Sale: $2.39 (Save 20%)  ♦   20,000 words  ♦   3 reward points

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Work is work, but Cody isn't exactly enthused about his first paying job as a photographer: promo shots for some band calling themselves Lingering Cents. Their lead singer, Seth, proves to be a gorgeous distraction, but he comes with an attitude and mixed signals that Cody can't decipher, no matter how much he tries.
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Misread Romance contains some explicit content.

Excerpt: Misread Romance  Author: Xara X. Xanakas  Artist: A.J. Corza

This book was released on Wednesday 30 April, 2014.