Sonata [Ebook]

A.F. Henley

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At thirty-six Ian feels done with the world. When a night at a bar goes as poorly as expected, he wants only to return home to be miserable in peace. Instead, he encounters Jordan. Hot, young and interested, Jordan is everything Ian's ever wanted and nothing he believes himself capable of actually obtaining.

Jordan has enough going on in his life trying to scrape together a living for himself and his autistic son. When he meets Ian, all he wants is a brief, erotic moment and nothing else.

But fate throws them together again and again, and Ian finds himself determined to do whatever it takes to give their story a happy ending—no matter what secrets Jordan's past has waiting for him.
Content notes (possible spoilers). Click here to toggle view.
Sonata contains some explicit content.

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This product was released on Wednesday 17 July, 2013.

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