Dragon Slayer [Ebook]

Isabella Carter

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Ingram is a coward and weakling—at least according to his father, the king, and the royal court. He cannot use a sword, he faints at the sight of blood, and even his brilliant abilities as a strategist are not enough to overcome his failings. When his father loses a bet to the notorious Lord Mallory over the matter of a dragon slaying, he pays his debt by ordering Ingram to marry him.

Then his father reveals that he is putting Ingram to a greater purpose, giving Ingram one last chance to prove he is not worthless. All it requires is betraying his new husband.
Content notes (possible spoilers). Click here to toggle view.
Dragon Slayer contains no explicit content.

Finalist in the 2014 Lambda Literary Awards in the LGBT SF/F/HORROR category.

Excerpt: Dragon Slayer  Author: Isabella Carter  Artist: London Burden  Buy the audiobook version  En Espanol  Buy the paperback!

This product was released on Wednesday 19 June, 2013.

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