Dance in the Dark [Ebook & Print]

Megan Derr

ISBN: 9781936202607  ♦   Starting at: $7.99  ♦   8 reward points
At the age of nine, Johnnie lost everything. A quiet, normal child, his life forever changed when his family was attacked by a blood-crazed vampire, leaving his parents dead and Johnnie an orphan.

Now grown, he is the cold, proud, beautiful—but very human—son of the Dracula Desrosiers, who took him in after the tragedy that befell Johnnie's parents. Constantly kept apart for being human, Johnnie chooses to bury himself in the two things he most loves—books and mysteries.

Then he is summoned by a friend to solve a simple mystery involving a pair of Cinderella slippers, and in putting one mystery to rest Johnnie only succeeds in waking several more...

  • Pairing: M/M
  • Content: Contains some explicit content.
Excerpt: Dance in the Dark

Author: Megan Derr

Artist: London Burden

This product was released on Tuesday 26 July, 2011.

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