Dance Only for Me [Ebook]

Megan Derr

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Jackie is a sorcerer of no small skill, from a family of renowned sorcerers. He is frequently called upon to track down lost items or deal with paranormals others can't, and those that don't fear his magic do fear the alchemist-made revolvers at his hips.

Tired of living several states away from his lover, Roman, Jackie decides to surprise him with a move to Roman's city—only to find himself the victim of an unhappy surprise, and suddenly alone in the city he'd wanted to call home.

Then he's unexpectedly hired by a paranormal detective who could use his help, and finds himself dragged into a fight that started in the midst of the Civil War.
Content notes (possible spoilers). Click here to toggle view.
Dance Only For Me contains some explicit content.

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This product was released on Wednesday 24 July, 2013.

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