Dance Only for Me [Ebook & Print]

Megan Derr

ISBN: 9781620040850  ♦   Starting at: $6.99  ♦   7 reward points
Jackie Black is a cowboy and sorcerer and proud of both. He spends his days breaking curses and locating items of interest for other abnormals. His pride and joy are the alchemy-enhanced pistols at his hips. The love of his life is Roman, a businessman and witch. Tired of living several states apart, Jackie decides to surprise Roman by moving closer.

But instead of being a happy surprise, Jackie finds himself the victim of an unpleasant one. Alone in a strange city, with nowhere to go and his world in pieces, Jackie is taken in by an old man who says he is a paranormal detective and could use someone of Jackie's power and abilities to catch a killer.

  • Pairing: M/M
  • Content: Contains some explicit content.
Excerpt: Dance Only For Me

Author: Megan Derr

Artist: London Burden

This product was released on Wednesday 24 July, 2013.

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