What We Want

Due to an overwhelming number of recent submissions, LT3 is temporary closed to general submissions. We will reopen to submissions again in the near future. We are still accepting submissions for our open collection call, Written in the Stars.

If you recently submitted a manuscript and have not heard back, we are processing all submissions in the order we received them, and will reply within 4-8 weeks of your receipt of submission. (If you did not receive the auto-confirmation receipt, please get in touch and we can confirm whether we received your submission.)

If you are an author who has previously had a manuscript accepted by LT3, contact Editor in Chief Samantha Derr at derrs@lessthanthreepress.com or Acquisitions Editor Amanda Jean at ajean@lessthanthreepress.com with any new submissions.


General Calls
General Release Anthologies
Collection Calls

General calls are (generally) always open. LT3 is currently open to general submissions.

General Release Anthologies means stories are written on a theme and sold as a compiled ebook (and typically, paperback). You receive one flat payment, typically $200 (this may vary by anthology) and no royalties.

Collections means stories are written on a theme. Stories in collections are sold individually as ebooks. You receive standard ebook royalties.

Ebook submissions
No current calls
 Written in the Stars



What You Need to Know

Content Guidelines (ALL Submissions)

Less Than Three Press looks for creative LGBTQIA (lesbian, gay, bisexual/pansexual, trans, queer, intersex, asexual/aromantic/agender) romances in any genre. The primary focus of Less Than Three Press is romance. We're committed to the belief that romance assumes many forms and shapes: relationships built on platonic love and relationships built on romantic love. We very much want to give everyone a story they deserve, and we want stories that focus on the relationship and end happily.

What we accept:

  • Happy for now (HFN) and happily ever after (HEA) endings
  • Fantasy, urban fantasy, sci-fi, paranormal/supernatural, contemporary, historical, punk (steam, solar, etc)
  • Aromantic, queerplatonic, and similar platonic relationships
  • Incest
  • Shifters and non-human characters
  • Polyamory (in any permutation, ie, f/f/f, nb/f/m, m/m/f/f, etc)
  • Age differences
  • Stories with or without explicit/erotic content

Less Than Three Press does not require first publication rights. If you've published a story elsewhere first, we will consider it (provided your publication rights have been returned to you).

What we do not accept:

  • Cisgender, heterosexual, heteroromantic m/f*
  • Young Adult (YA)
  • Poetry
  • Tragic or ambiguous endings
  • Characters engaging in any manner of sexual activity with another character who is under the legal age of consent
  • Stories that appear to "fix" the aromantic/asexual character
  • Bestiality (Note: this does not include non-human characters or shifter characters in shifted form)
  • Rape. Gratuitous rape for the sake of easy hurt/comfort or sexual appeal is not accepted here. It is acceptable for rape to be part of the main protagonist/antagonist's past. If you feel it is absolutely imperative to the plot of your story that an instance of rape occurs, we ask that the scene fade to black and the rape itself occur off page. **

* Cisgender m/f relationships in which one or both of the characters is bisexual, pansexual, asexual, or aromantic are acceptable.

** We will not consider stories wherein rape is perpetrated by any of the main characters. This includes non-consensual (non-con) sex; stories featuring dubious-consent (dub-con) will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Submitting to Less Than Three Press

LT3 is not currently open to submissions. Check back soon, as we hope to reopen to submissions soon!

Formatting & Editing Guidelines

Please format your manuscripts according to the following guidelines.

  • English. LT3 does not require that stories be formatted to American English, British English, Australian English, or any other standard, only that you are consistent in your use throughout your submission. Please indicate at the top of the manuscript which you are using in accordance to the submission guidelines.

  • Spacing/paragraphs. Your manuscript should be formatted with 1.15 spacing. There should be one space between paragraphs. This should be done using a hard return (pressing ). Do not use the "add space before/after paragraph" formatting feature. Do not indent your paragraphs.

  • Headers/footers. Do not format or place any text in headers or footers. This includes page numbers.

  • Margins. Your manuscript should use half-inch margins on all sides.

  • Section Breaks. All scene breaks should be clearly marked. For example, use **** or *~*~*. Do not use extra spaces.

  • Chapter Breaks. New chapters should start on a new page. New pages should be made with a page break. Do not press multiple times to reach a new page.

  • Font. Please format the body of your work with the font Calibri, size 12.

  • Quotation marks. Your manuscript should use straight quotes (" " or ' '), not curly quotes (“ ” or ‘ ’). Dialogue should be contained in double quotes, not single quotes. ("Like this," she said.)

  • Emdashes. You should format all emdashes accordingly: word—word. Most word processors are programmed to auto-format a double hypen (-) into an appropriate emdash (—). Note that there are no spaces between the emdash and the words on either side of it. An emdash should also be used in instances where a sentence is cut off.

  • Ellipses. You should format ellipses accordingly: word… word. There should be a space between the ellipsis and the second word; there are no spaces between the periods (.) of the ellipsis. If the ellipsis comes at the end of dialogue, there should be no space between the ellipsis and the quotation mark. (e.g. "Oh…")

  • Colons. Colons should be followed by one space.

NOTE: All accepted manuscripts will be edited to make sure the manuscript formatting adheres to house style. They will also be edited for content, syntax, grammar, punctuation, and epithets.

An epithet is any adjective or descriptive phrasing that is used in place of the character's name or a pronoun. It is any instance where you are using an adjective or phrase (the mage, his lover, the redhead, the operative, the blond, the middle-aged professor, etc) to reference the character.

Payment and Royalty Rates

General Ebook
  • 45% of cover price for all sales through LT3's Book Market
  • 40% of gross earnings for sales through 3rd party distributors
  • Author copies
General Print
  • 20% of cover price for all sales of print books
  • Author copies
Anthology Fiction
  • One-time payment of $200
  • Author copies of ebook and print

Note that royalty percentages are split for co-authored works. For example, a story written by two authors would earn each author 22.5% of the cover price for all ebook sales through LT3's Book Market.