LT3 News and Updates for April 2, 2014

LT3 is Five Years Old! Join Our Celebration

LT3 is turning five!

Less Than Three Press turns five years old this April! We’re celebrating five wonderful, successful years with three fantastic events:

  1. Sale! All of our titles are on sale during the month of April. Save 15% off all ebooks and paperbacks, and save an additional 15% on already discounted preorder prices.
  2. Giveaways! LT3 has partnered up with a number of our authors to give you free books! Beginning on Monday, April 7 and running through Thursday, April 10, we’ll be marking titles down to $0.00 in the LT3 Book Market, giving you the chance to pick up new books for free! You’ll have just an hour to grab titles, as we’ve got over 50 books to give you. We’ll post again at end of the week with more details on the authors and books participating. (Now might be a good time to follow us on twitter, facebook, or tumblr to keep track of when new books go up for free.)
  3. Raffle! For every book you buy in the LT3 Book Market during the month of April, you’ll be entered into a raffle to win one of three fantastic prizes, including:

    GRAND PRIZE: A Kindle Fire HD (8GB model)

  4. FIRST PLACE PRIZE: A $50 LT3 Gift Certificate

    SECOND PLACE PRIZE: A $25 LT3 Gift Certificate

    Each individual book you purchase enters you into the raffle. Free books are excluded as raffle entries (this includes regularly free books and any books downloaded as part of our giveaways). Winners will be contacted through the email address associated with their LT3 Book Market account* and will have 72 hours to claim their prize before a new winner is selected. The Kindle Fire HD will be shipped directly from Contest is open to all domestic and international customers. For full contest terms and conditions, click here.

    *If your email address is different, simply leave the email address you’d like to be contacted at in the “Special Instructions or Order Comments” box during checkout.

Deadline Extended: GEEK OUT Deadline is now April 30

Geek Out Submission Call

The deadline for LT3’s Geek Out collection call has been extended! Stories should be submitted by April 30, 2014. Click here for all details.

Geek Out — A Trans* and Genderqueer Collection Call — Gamers. Computer nerds. Baking enthusiasts. Fanfic writers. History buffs. Cosplayers. Music, TV, painting, cars, make-up—we all geek about something, and nothing quite rivals the passion displayed by geeks for what they love. There’s no limit to what can be geeked over, and no rules about who is allowed to geek about what—and the harder someone tries to put such rules in place, the harder they get knocked down.

In the spirit of true geekery, and the limitless possibilities of it, Less Than Three Press invites you to submit your stories of trans* and genderqueer geeks doing what they love best.

Now Available! Week 1 of A Loose Screw Collection

The first week of LT3’s A Loose Screw collection is now available in the LT3 Book Market! You can buy each title individually or buy the bundle for 15% off the title prices of the books contained therein.

Body Option by Talya Andor

Body Option

For five years, Grant Badu has been part of a solid fighting team with the Gemini Suit called Trefoil Argent. Together, they fly and fight so effectively, their combat record so impressive, that they’ve become informally known as the Infallible Duo.

When a case containing classified military innovations is stolen and shot down in the foothills of disputed border territory, Grant and Argent are tapped for its swift recovery. But the mission requires pilot Argent to take on the one cybernetic option he’s been avoiding, for reasons even Grant doesn’t know.

  • Words: 18,300
  • M/M romance, sci-fi
  • Price: $3.99 $3.39 to celebrate LT3’s Fifth Anniversary!

Circus Escape by Lilliana Rose

Circus Escape

Nessie dreams of escaping her sheltered life to become a mechanical engineer with mechas. But wanting and doing are two very different things, and outer confidence hides inner fears—until she meets Joy.

Joy is tough and self-reliant, used to looking out for no one but herself. As her job keeps her always on the move, keeping to herself is the best way to survive. The very last person she expects to break her solitude is the prim and proper Nessie.

  • Words: 15,000
  • F/F romance, sci-fi
  • Price: $2.99 $2.54 to celebrate LT3’s Fifth Anniversary!

Fire and Soul by Siobhan Crosslin

Fire and Soul

As children, Temsha and his twin brother were kidnapped, their parents murdered, and forced to become sky force pilots for the notorious Lord Jheghda. Their younger brother was sold off to become an anam, a companion and power source for pilots, and if they are lucky they get to see him every three years.

After he nearly kills their latest anam, Temsha is at his limit. He is tired of being a slave, tired of worrying constantly about the brother he has not seen for six years, and tired of burning out anams. When they are assigned a new anam, Temsha tries to resist getting close, because one more loss will be the one that breaks him.

Note: While there is no incest, the brothers do share a lover.

  • Words: 20,000
  • M/M romance, sci-fi
  • Price: $3.99 $3.39 to celebrate LT3’s Fifth Anniversary!

First We Take Manhattan by Mina MacLeod

First We Take Manhattan

Gabe Dumas and Dave Cortez are officers in the Mech Enforcer Division of the NYPD. If Gabe wishes they did more than work together, well, that’s his problem. He’d rather have him as a friend and partner than nothing at all, and there’s no one better to have at his back when the streets get ugly.

During a raid on the Diamondbacks, a notorious and dangerous gang tearing up the city, everything goes sideways and it’s Gabe who comes out the worse for it. Furious, devastated, Dave is determined to have revenge on the men who nearly killed Gabe.

  • Words: 23,000
  • M/M romance, sci-fi
  • Price: $3.99 $3.39 to celebrate LT3’s Fifth Anniversary!

Merged by Andrea Speed


After barely surviving a surprise attack by long-time enemy the Lharaz, mech pilot Takeshi is tasked with a new mission: Protect the people of Ia, and capture a live specimen of the local fauna that has been turned against them by the Lharaz, who are using Ia as a testing ground for suspected new weaponry.

The mission would be a lot easier if Ia’s local fauna wasn’t dinosaurs.

  • Words: 10,000
  • M/M romance, sci-fi
  • Price: $1.99 $1.69 to celebrate LT3’s Fifth Anniversary!

Wings of the Stars by Mell Eight

Wings of the Stars

After a horrific accident during a mecha showcase event, Tarle is shunned by the robotics community and forced into hiding. Unable to abandon mecha entirely, he starts building a new robot in secret.

Starr is a porn star. He’s used to the open admiration of his fans and the derision of his detractors, but the bombing of his house is more than he can take. Desperate to escape, he runs away to a dead-end town at the edge of space, where he is taken in by Tarle.

Hiding away together, they find, is far more appealing than going it alone, but no one can hide forever, especially when there are people determined to find them.

  • Words: 16,000
  • M/M romance, sci-fi
  • Price: $3.99 $3.39 to celebrate LT3’s Fifth Anniversary!

Preorder: Week 2 of A Loose Screw Collection | April 9, 2014

Everywhere I Look by Jude Dunn

Everywhere I Look

Paul Noren hates himself for never confessing his love to Peter Nichols, a war-weary mecha pilot sent to Mars via the Phobos Initiative, the first manned mission outside the Earth-Moon system, where he is now completely out of reach.

On a return trip to Earth, Peter collapses from illness right as he touches down, the unwitting victim of the illegal actions of a scientist who was part of the Phobos Initiative. While recovering, he is approached with a chance to help capture the man who almost killed him—but there is someone else he is far more desperate to find.

  • Words: 34,000
  • M/M romance, sci-fi
  • Price: $4.99 $3.88 until 04/08 to celebrate LT3’s Fifth Anniversary!

Hakusan Angel by Alex Powell

Hakusan Angel

Kaede is a Source, capable of powering a machine with her own energy, but she has been hiding the full extent of her abilities. Given the tenuous relations between her country and their rivals, she fears discovery of her full power would provoke the war that hangs over them. But others disagree, and firmly believe that power like Kaede’s is far too valuable to be hidden away…

  • Words: 26,000
  • F/F romance, sci-fi
  • Price: $3.99 $2.88 until 04/08 to celebrate LT3’s Fifth Anniversary!

Iron Will by Terry Milien

Iron Will

Gael has never believed in “Steel Giants” and magic; they’re just stories told to captivate children and remind everyone of the power of the Corporation. Those beliefs fall prey to doubt, however, when he abruptly finds himself enemy number one and being hunted down by those who are supposed to protect…

  • Words: 47,000
  • M/M/M/M romance, sci-fi
  • Price: $4.99 $3.61 until 04/08 to celebrate LT3’s Fifth Anniversary!

Mind to Body by Sandra Bard

Mind to Body

On record, Hideki Takamura is the Inspector sent to examine space station Grand Adventure to ensure it meets all safety requirements. In reality, he has been sent to destroy it, and there is an evacuation fleet two weeks behind him. If he fails, it will be his mother and sister who suffer for it—but the job is easier when planning than in reality, especially when it comes to Tyler, the aggravating pilot who will not stay out of his way.

  • Words: 34,000
  • M/M romance, sci-fi
  • Price: $4.99 $3.61 until 04/08 to celebrate LT3’s Fifth Anniversary!

No Ocean Too Deep by Leona Carver

No Ocean Too Deep

To buck the brutal rule of the Republic, Amirzade Sharouk and his men pull off a desperate plan: Destroying the Republic’s fleet by joining forces with the legendary sea folk, masters of the leviathans, immense living weapons born of the sea and magic.

Though the gamble succeeds, one of the leviathans vanishes with a valuable human, straining an already tenuous alliance. Her caretaker Nils needs to find her as quickly as possible to redeem himself before his superiors. His search is further burdened by Dastyaf, a furious human warlord and liability in the marine realm. But after combing the deep ocean and discovering the dangers it holds, Nils realizes he may need the human more than he thought, to save his mission and himself.

  • Words: 43,000
  • M/M romance, sci-fi
  • Price: $4.99 $3.61 until 04/08 to celebrate LT3’s Fifth Anniversary!

The Unexpected Mission by May Ridge

The Unexpected Mission

It all started with a prank, but when Axel stows away on the Titan Mark Three, he gets caught up in an urgent mission that could mean peace between Altia and Calor—or turn tension into war.

As if that weren’t enough, Axel is also distracted by the Pilot in charge of the mission: Ivan Daletsky, the greatest Titan pilot of the age, whom Axel has wanted for a long time and isn’t likely to ever get.

Then the treaty is stolen, and time is rapidly running out, and it will take all the ingenuity Axel can muster to prevent a war.

  • Words: 17,000
  • M/M romance, sci-fi
  • Price: $3.99 $2.88 until 04/08 to celebrate LT3’s Fifth Anniversary!

Preorder: With Pride by Megan Derr

With Pride

When his sister falls ill, Kristof is ordered to assume a duty never meant for him: become the Duke of Stehlmore and marry a notorious Prince of the Blood. It is one of the oldest honors and duties undertaken by his family, but Kristof feels only resentment that he must leave behind all he knows to serve an arrogant half-demon.

His resentment must be set aside, however, when evil is found lurking far too close to the castleā€”an evil that has many pieces, controlled by someone they cannot find and who always seems one step ahead of them. Someone who seems to think that demons are little more than toys …

With Pride is Book 2 of the Princes of the Blood series. Book 1, Of Last Resort, is also on sale for 28% off until 8:00 p.m Eastern Time on April 15.

  • Words: 65,000
  • M/M romance, fantasy, Princes of the Blood
  • Price: $6.99 $5.05 until 04/15 to celebrate LT3’s Fifth Anniversary!

Preorder: Mechanical Heart by Cassandra Pierce

Mechanical Heart

Brent’s first run as Captain of his own ship is largely uneventful. The biggest challenge he faces is his perfectionist, demanding father, who does not trust even his own son when it comes to his interstellar shipping empire.

But even aggravating fathers fall by the wayside when Brent and his crew come across a strange bit of salvage: a pod, at least a century old, that proves to contain a man with no memory of who he is or how he came to be sealed away…

  • Words: 16,000
  • M/M romance, sci-fi
  • Price: $2.99 $2.16 until 04/22 to celebrate LT3’s Fifth Anniversary!

Preorder: Moon Chilled by Caitlin Ricci

Moon Chilled

When Shae was thirteen she ran away from a sexually and physically abusive alpha but getting to safety meant leaving her mate, Maiki, behind. Now that she’s twenty-three Shae has made an isolated life for herself with only the wolf inside of herself for company.

Then Maiki calls her after a decade of silence, asking her to come back, and Shae cannot say no to her mate. Maiki is a seer and she’s had a frightening dream of the pack being demolished and the old farmhouse the alpha lives in going up in flames…

  • Words: 39,000
  • F/F romance, paranormal
  • Price: $4.99 $3.61 until 04/22 to celebrate LT3’s Fifth Anniversary!

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