Feb 24: Second Chances, New Worlds, April Releases, and More!

Homesick at Space Camp King of Diamonds

New this week!

LT3 is pleased to present two new ebooks for your enjoyment this week! Check out:

Homesick at Space Camp
Francis Gideon

The planet Zaffre is known for two things: blue sand deserts and the fact it’s number one in robots mechanics and AI software development. Eastyn Ptolemy, a human worker from Earth, patrols Zaffre’s main loading docks during his night shifts. Ever since coming to Zaffre with his sister, Genna, his life has been easier—but also far too quiet.

To break up the monotony on one of his shifts, Eastyn listens to the local radio station where DJ Milo does all-night requests. After many late nights spent with Milo on the phone, Eastyn realizes he is actually Milo Struthers, former guitarist and backing vocalist of the band Lightning Years. Only now, after a bad accident, Milo has been reduced to a sophisticated AI that runs the radio station, struggling for a proper body and autonomy…

King of Diamonds
K.M. Penemue

Rhen makes his living two ways: performing card tricks for passing crowds, and thievery. Every four years, Vis-a-Vis, a four day festival, celebrates life and happiness, where all classes can be equal behind their masks. It’s a prime opportunity for thieves, but Rhen’s plans change when Lelan, his former lover, says they need to talk.

Though still feeling bitter with Lelan for leaving him, Rhen agrees, because if there’s one thing he’s good at, it’s playing the odds.

Coming Next Week!

Ruby Red Booty Shorts and a Louisville Slugger  Written in Stone Pictures & Memories

On March 2, LT3 is pleased to offer you three amazing LGBTQ romances! Check out what's coming next week:

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Coming April 2016

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Odds & Ends

  • LT3's Less Than Dead anthology call ends on Feb 29! Get your stories about love in the time of zombies in before the end of the month!
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