Mar 9: New Loyalties, Life Changes, Paperback Clear Out, and More!

New This Week!


LT3 is pleased to offer you two amazing LGBTQ romances! Check out what's new!

  • What a Difference a Day Makes by B.A. Huntley
    A day can last an hour or an eternity, as three friends learn in the final moments leading up to wedding they'll be attending—one as the bride, two as the bridesmaids. Allison waits impatiently for her wedding night, the first night she and Jason will be together, worried that he won't trust her to see his body. Lane reconnects with her on again, off again girlfriend, and Slim meets Joy, who tempts her into the sort of fling that's never interested Slim before.
  • Where Loyalties Lie by Logan Taylor
    When his homeland is conquered by invading barbarians, Nessir winds up not dead, but instead serving the new kings much as he once served his own. Though at first he is terrified of what they will do, across the palace and through the kingdom, Abaidas and Ophion swiftly begin to make improvements their predecessor neglected. And though a married man should be off limits, Nessir finds himself falling for Abaidas anyway—and is astonished when the interest proves to be mutual, and to learn that Ophion has no objections to Abaidas taking a lover.

    But just as Nessir is settling into his strange, new life, he stumbles across an assassination plot—a plot he cannot speak of for fear of his sister's life, unless he can convey it in a way that will not get him caught. In an act of desperation, he throws himself at Ophion, and under guise of being lovers the two work to protect the man they both love. And all the while Nessir tries to ignore the growing wish that Ophion's affections were not merely a ruse…

Paperback Clear Out Sale!

LT3 is holding a clear-it-out sale of our in-office paperback stock. You can pick up select paperbacks for 50% off! This sale will continue while supplies last, or until the end of the month, whichever happens first. 

All paperbacks that are on sale are limited to the quantities we've got, so once it's sold out, the book will be unavailable until we reset it to its normal pricing. Paperbacks not available for the clear out sale are still 25% off; if you purchase those books with the clear out books, you'll get two packages (one from LT3 and one from our printer). 

Check out our paperback selection here!

Coming Next Week: Solitary Travelers Week 1!

Blood and Clockwork Breakfire's Glass Dust on the Wing How Not to Summon Your True Love Mr. March Names the Stars Stinger The Cybernetic Tea Shop The Galloway Road

On March 16, LT3 is pleased to offer you eight amazing stories featuring asexual and aromantic main characters. Click a cover above to check out what's coming next week, or click here to see the whole of our Solitary Travelers collection!

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Odds & Ends

  • LT3's Fairytales Slashed: Volume 7 anthology call ends on Mar 31! Get your LGBTQIA fairy tale romances in before the end of the month!
  • LT3's Goodreads Giveaways for our March 2016 releases are now up! Stop by and leave a comment to enter to win any of our March releases, including the Solitary Travelers collection!
  • End of Life! You can pick up LT3's Kiss Me at Midnight collection for 50% off this month only! You can also pick up 15 other titles for 40% off before they're gone on March 31! This includes LT3's Something Happened on the Way to Heaven anthology, the Project Fierce charity anthology, and 13 other titles! Click here for the full list.
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