AllRomance eBook Announcement

In light of the pending closure of AllRomance eBooks announced yesterday, Less Than Three Press wanted to reassure authors and readers as much as we could.

If you purchased a book at AllRomance eBooks that you can no longer download, or were unable to download before their site came down, simply send us some proof of purchase (receipt, screen shot, etc) and we will happily give you the book. Send all emails concerning this matter to [email protected], with All Romance Books in the subject line, and let us know what book(s), what format, and copy/paste or attach proof of purchase.

You will receive full payment for any books sold through ARe in Q4 2016, regardless of whatever agreement Less Than Three Press works out with AllRomance eBooks. You deserve your full royalties and you will get them. Any questions or concerns, contact Samantha via [email protected] or twitter (@rykaine).

2 Responses to “AllRomance eBook Announcement”

  1. Dad says:

    Let me know if I can help out in any way. Love you ladies.

  2. Jennifer Bowen says:

    I’ve never been prouder to buy from LT3; other publishers have offered to assist customers who lost ebooks when ARE shut down, but you’re the first I’ve seen who are also explicitly helping authors. I’m glad that I switched to buying almost all of my LT3 books directly from your site a little over a year ago, and I plan to do so exclusively in the future. You are all outstanding, and I hope your company prospers for years to come.

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