Author: Annabelle Kitch

Annabelle Kitch used to think she was a normal girl. Then she found out ‘normal’ was a lie, threw her pretenses to the wind, and went streaking through life wearing the proud banner of ‘odd’. One of the only constants in this life was an unrelenting passion for storytelling, and she’s traveled the world (or worlds, if you count the ones in her head) in pursuit of this. As an avid fan of, well, everything, she naturally stumbled upon fanfiction. Therein she came upon slash and, after initially resisting, ultimately said ‘why not’. Depending on your point of view, it was all downhill or uphill from there.

These days, Annabelle works a desk job, which is a pretty good cover for the nonsense that goes on in her head. Pretty soon, she’s going to strike it big, but for now the writing of passionate fiction will be relegated to evenings and weekends. And lunch breaks. And times when the work is slow and there’s nobody looking at her monitor.

Happiness in Numbers The Mercenary