Author: Cora Walker

Cora Walker is a writer, editor, and canon bisexual. Cursed with too many interests, she has been telling stories since she was about five, and years of trying to find a more stable income has only shown her how much she would like to make a life out of words. A Seattle local, she has a background in game design and sometimes speaks publicly about the nuances of representation. Much to the disappointment of her neighbors, she’s learning how to play the violin, and has found a typewriter helps tame rampant ADHD into creating readable prose for you, the reader, to enjoy.

She lives in the suburbs, where she’s completing her MFA in Creative Writing & Poetics and spends her days resenting the slow onslaught of time. She has two dogs, and wants you to know that, in any title with her name on it, the dog, cat, llama, or other lovable pet will always be okay.

Heart of Steel Less Than Dead