Author: Dae Richards

Even though she has a degree in physics, Dae Richards has always been a storyteller. When she was younger, it meant rounding up all her friends (and quite a few strangers) on the playground to enact epic fantasy battles that took place entirely in their collective imaginations. When she reached middle school and lost her favored medium, she turned her attention to the written word.

Dae wrote her first story when she was about five years old. Since then, she’s never really stopped. Even when her wrists wish she would. Dae writes what she writes because she is a sucker for happy endings and there need to be more of those for queer characters.

Dae currently lives at home in New Jersey with a small clowder of three cats, though only one of them is hers. It doesn’t stop the others from doing their best to “help” with her writing at every turn.

Contemporary Draconic Hoarding Practices