Author: E.S. Wyverne

E.S. Wyverne grew up in a town in North Carolina so small that when it upgraded from a blinking light to a traffic light, locals began referring to it as the second largest city in the county. No, you probably haven’t heard of it. Trust her on this. Elena now lives in Maryland in a city that, amazingly enough, is not Baltimore. Despite what some people think, there is more than one city in Maryland. She promises.

Elena likes to write m/m romance with humorous, fantasy, science fiction, and/or fairytale elements. She spends a lot of time pleading with her brain to not create any more works in progress, please. Unfortunately, Elena often loses that argument. She likes to pretend that her writing folder isn’t really as large as it really is by hiding stuff in sub-folders.

E.S. Wyverne’s hobbies include gardening, reading, embroidery, and convincing her cats that the mice that get in her house are friends, not food. They are welcome and encouraged to eat the crickets though. She has a degree in geology which sits on her wall gathering dust. Her friends tell her it looks very nice. If you get her started on dinosaurs, she can and will talk to you for hours.

Elena has a day job which pays her bills. It unfortunately does not allow her to write nearly as much as she wants to. Her household consists of her loving and very understanding spouse, and multiple cats. Also Fred the groundhog who stares in the backdoor and watches the cats lose their furry little minds.

E.S. Wyverne can be reached at [email protected]. Her social media presence is non-existent at this time. Elena is working on getting a website up and running. You know, in her copious free time.

The Troubadour and the Prince