Author: Eve Francis

Eve Francis is an f/f romance and erotica author who has appeared in Infernal Ink, In My Bed Magazine, For The Girls, Hot Chili Erotica, Skin to Skin, and Gay Flash Fiction. Eve lives in Canada where they often sleep late, spend too much time online, and repeatedly watch B-horror movies (especially Canadian B-horror movies or those involving inclement weather and sharks). When not writing romances, Eve sometimes dabbles in poetry and speculative fiction, often with romantic overtones. Eve also attends a Canadian university for their PhD, focusing in transgender literature, American fiction, and film adaptation. Basically, Eve gets to spend a lot of time online, read a bunch of awesome trans books, and watch a bunch of cool movies while also teaching some first years how to write an essay. Sweet, right? You should talk to them about transgender issues, LGBT poetry, or cool places to find veggie food in downtown Toronto.

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Stand-alone Works

Storms and Saints Wish on the Water The Spirit of the Stairwell The Open Window The Big Reveal