Author: Ginger Streusel

Ginger Streusel is a sweet dish with a kick—or she tries to be. Her love affair with writing began at ten years old, when she decided to dive into the worlds of the fantasy stories she loved by crafting stories of her own. Fifteen years later, she’s switched from boy wizards to monsters in love, but her passion for writing fantastical tales remains strong. She studied English and history in college, where she read lots of books and wrote lots of essays. Now she applies those skills to her favorite pastime—writing LGBTQIA supernatural romance. Her stories often feature sugar (gentle protectors), spice (sassy tricksters), and everything nice (lonely monsters finding their true loves). Writing from an asexual perspective, she focuses on her characters’ relationship journeys as much as their romantic destinations.

Living in humid Atlanta, Ginger does her best to stay cool in the peach state. She’s held a handful of odd jobs, from bra fitter to kid wrangler to paper-pusher. She spent several years as an English tutor, preparing students for standardized tests and helping to craft essays. Though her tutoring days are over, she still considers herself an officer in the grammar police. These days, her day job fuels her nightly writing habit. She lurks at bubble tea shops and cafes, where she gets her fuel for feverish nights of writing, doodling, and studying. When she leaves her lair, Ginger hangs out at karaoke bars and swing dancing halls. Her little black cat, Nyx, is her constant companion. She keeps Ginger from working too hard by jumping on her keyboard. Though writing is Ginger’s biggest vice, she also collects too many cute aprons or anything with a fox on it. She is committed to making the world a sweeter place through fashion, baking, and writing.

e-mail: [email protected]

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