Author: J. Hepburn

J. Hepburn lives with his partner, several kilts, an Irish Wolfhound, two cats, an indeterminate number of wild birds and, sometimes, a passing python. He cares enough about coffee to not only grind his own, but roast it first. This says a lot about him, some of it complimentary. He rides a motorbike because it’s fun, and wishes they’d hurry up with a genetic cure for short sight.

He writes because otherwise the words come out when he’s not expecting them to, and likes to explore any genre with “speculative” in the name. He’s been writing for more than a decade but only submitting for a couple of years, which was a mistake he doesn’t intend to repeat. He thinks romance is more interesting than violence and a lot more morally defensible, not to mention fun.

He tweets sporadically at, and is slowly establishing a web presence at

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