Author: J.J. Bamber

J.J. Bamber lives in the English countryside after an exciting and exhausting stint in London, where he got a first degree in English Literature and Film. He currently works in translation and is attempting to mount a play. He loves to write about people who are desperately looking for something, only to find out that whatever they were looking for was inside of them all along. He loves writing about people who find out that they are braver and smarter and cooler than they knew. He believes that the true happy endings are the ones that you fight for yourself and that is what he writes about.

He would like to thank anyone and everyone who takes the time to read one of his books and encourages people to contact him on twitter (, Tumblr ( the handle of which refers to a beloved but long cancelled television show (RIP Men In Trees) or Facebook.

J.J. Bamber believes that libraries are the saviors (he was once a librarian), kale is nigh on magical, rainstorms trump summer days and in the healing power of hummus (he consumes a remarkable amount of hummus on a regular basis).

Happy endings and, perhaps more importantly, happy-right-nows to all.

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