Author: Jack Harvey

Jack Harvey has been writing for about as long as he can remember. With Twenty years worth of source material that means he’s never out of ideas.

While studying for a degree in English Literature and Media, he worked on a comedy sketch show and dabbled in stand up. Since graduating he’s worked as a hospital radio DJ and won the annual Worlds Biggest Liar competition. Writing, though, will always draw him back. He’ll never stop telling stories, be they grounded, fantastical or dreamlike. You can read more of his work at or contact him via email at

Jack lives in the north of England where he enjoys the solitude of the lonely mountains, but he also travels to the United States regularly. He was once told that he’d seen more of America than most Americans have. It’s these experiences that heavily inform his writing, and he hopes it can truthfully reflect the diversity of the world around him.

The Reminiscence of Good King Carnack The Scars of Jocasta Lacroix