Author: Jamie Brindle

Jamie was brought up by loving ex-hippy parents who sold boomerangs for a living and had a hedge maze in their back garden. He was home-educated until the age of fourteen, before being eased gently into the idea that the world, by and large, expects you to get up earlier than is really civilised for the majority of your life.

Jamie trained as a biochemist at the University of Sussex. Following graduation, he realised he would find this deeply boring, and after a brief sojourn working in a school for deaf children (which he enjoyed much more than his home-educated prejudices had led him to believe), he studied medicine at the University of Warwick. He now works as a junior doctor, and writes science fiction mainly as a way to ground himself after long shifts in the bizarre fantasy world of the NHS.

He is currently crowdfunding two very different novels. ‘Presenting Complaints’ is a satirical novel about a failing British hospital that is on the verge of being privatised. It is irreverent and funny and much less ridiculous than it might seem. That can be found at

‘Story’ is a very strange fantasy novel. It is a story about Every chapter is told by a character in the previous chapter. When a crazed man with the ability to cross between narratives emerges, hell-bent on destroying the heart of the Storystream, characters must accept they are fictional and unite to stop him. This one can be found at

Jamie feels it is only fair to mention that these novels are not LGBT themed. (But he is hoping that, if you liked his stories, that won’t stop you having a look).

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