Author: Kedreeva Whitemane

Kedreeva Whitemane has been writing stories since she could hold a pencil, and still strongly believes in writing the stories she wants to read if they don’t already exist. She writes mainly in science fiction, supernatural, fantasy, and horror genres. She collects dirt samples brought to her from around the world by friends and family, legally collected game and pest animal skulls, and feathers from the birds on her hobby farm. She breeds and raises peafowl, and keeps chickens, cats, snakes, and fancy mice as pets. She works as an animal husbandry technician. Over the last decade she has been heavily involved in several online communities dedicated to creative works, and helped organize a charity auction in one of those which raised over $20,000 for a wolf sanctuary. More recently, she has formed an online writing group which fosters community and communication year-round to help other writers with their work.  

The Sentinels