Author: Lucie Lukačovičová

Born in Prague, Czech Republic, Lucie Lukačovičová studied librarianship and cultural anthropology at Charles University. She considers herself to be citoyen du monde, a global mind. Some members of her family live in England, Germany and India and she visits these countries frequently. She loves travelling and collecting myths, legends, fairy-tales and ancient religious texts.

She gives lessons in creative writing and works as a translator from English and German languages into Czech; she also speaks Spanish. Her literary work has been published only in Czech so far, about one hundred short-stories, many articles and four novels: a historical fantasy “The Masters of Time” (Vladci casu), a science-fiction murder mystery “Station Armida” (Stanice Armida), an urban fantasy “Private Detective Agency Sirius” (Detektivni kancelar Sirius) and a slightly mystical historical fantasy about alchemists in Prague “Green Dragon, Carmine Lion” (Zeleny drak, karminovy lev). At the moment she is working on a steam-punk novel “The Hunchback’s Wings” (Hrbacova kridla).

She highly appreciates the support of her fans and keeps in touch with them. Therefore she also visits and lectures at various conventions.

She likes any literary challenge and experiments with different genres and literary styles. After finishing the University, she actually never stopped reading and studying. If she would be a character in a story, she would be the book-worm mage or the linguist, deciphering scrolls of long forgotten lore.


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