Author: Maple Marr

Maple Marr is a transplanted Floridian who left the middle of the Sunshine state and somehow ending up in the Land of the Rising Sun. While each season has its own holidays and treats to stand out, Japan continues to make autumn her favorite season with a multitude of chances for 月見 (moon viewing), delicious sweets such as pumpkin KitKats, and the start of the 年賀状 (New Year cards) season!

She is a lover of both dawn and dusk, those special times when the line between realities is blurring, and enjoys exploring boundaries in her writings. Mostly a medley of passions, Maple’s romances most notably revolving around poly or bisexual relationships. Her taste in music and books is a bit hodgepodge, but her romance writing usually mirrors alternate histories, distorted worlds, and parallel universes with varying threads of fantasy, sci-fi, and steampunk.

Maple seems to live on coffee and words, but when she’s not writing, she’s reading, winning stuffed animals from UFO machines (the claw!), or chasing dust bunnies around her small apartment. She once ordered two coffees, one of them an espresso, then downed it seconds after it was handed over the counter, and gave the empty cup back to the startled Starbucks staff member. She then took the other drink she had ordered, and went off in search of that night’s words.

Maple Marr can be found bouncing around the internet (NaNo, Twitter, 4thewords, etc.) under the alter-ego CoffeeQuills.

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