Author: Matthew Angelo

Matthew Angelo is a professional wedding photographer and novelist living in Northern Colorado. He has had short stories published in independent magazines including Entertaining Angels, Belladonna Smile, and Flashbang. Matthew has written the novel A Slaughter of Angels, a paranormal, urban fantasy novella. His favorite genres to write are paranormal thrillers, high fantasy, and sci-fi, all with a strong romantic element to them.

Currently, Matthew is working on a sci-fi novel and other writing projects. Matthew is also a Star Trek and Star Wars fan. The geek is strong with him. When he is not writing, he is either working on a photoshoot or doing P90X (he is trying to bring sexy back), or spending way too much time watching Doctor Who on Netflix. He is a hopeless romantic at heart and loves quoting Mel Brooks films.

He is also a major social networking junkie. You can visit him at You can also join his Facebook fan page at or follow him on Instagram for shameless selfies and pics of his dogs at If you like snarky one-liners then you can follow Matthew on twitter at He can also be found on Goodreads at

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