Author: Megan McFerren

Megan McFerren enjoys exploring queer history through erotic romance, and illuminating the love that once dared not speak its name. After studying Victorian and Ancient Germanic literature at university, she moved from West Texas to New York City, where she’s been for ten years.

In those rare hours not spent at work or writing, she enjoys photographing pigeons, good whiskey, and working her way through everything by Evelyn Waugh and Cormac McCarthy. She’s presently wrangling several novellas into shape, and enjoying multiple collaborative efforts in long form, short form, and even comics.

Her adventures in word-shuffling can be followed on Twitter @asacredprofane. She has shared stories in anthologies from Cleis, Torquere Press, Transmundane, Liz McMullen, Love Slave, Insatiable Press, and more.

The Unmentionables Bespoke