Author: Michelle Engardt

Michelle Engardt was born and raised in a small town in Germany where she still lives today. Having a book lover for a mother, she’s always been an avid reader stuck in one fictional universe after another. And once capable of writing properly and somewhat grammatically correct, that love evolved into a passion for creating her own stories and characters that could help her escape her rather uneventful life for just a while.

As she got older, life forced her through over a decade of public education, a part of her life that could also be called The Origin Story Behind Everything Wrong With Her Brain – an excessively long title but also one fitting for a possible future autobiography. Looking back, that time of her life blurs together into an endless cycle of procrastination, panic attacks, anxiety and insomnia with tiny lighter spots created by finding a few people that shared her dumb sense of humor and decided to keep her around as a comic relief during those dark times.

As fate would have it, she survived and can now be found sitting at her desk surrounded by her four cats since she has a tough time being surrounded by other human beings. Which is also why she can always be reached online on either Twitter (@michelleengardt), Tumblr ( or sometimes even Facebook (Michelle Engardt) where she’s constantly blogging about everything that’s wrong with the world, some TV-show or cute animals. Or most likely, all three.

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