Author: Siobhan Crosslin

Siobhan discovered the wonderful world of boy love when one of her friends pointed out that two of her characters were probably beating each other up constantly because of unresolved sexual tension. After the seed had been planted, slashy love started showing up with more and more frequency in her stories until she had to own up to being a hardcore slasher and made the transition to writing slash full-time.

She can’t go without writing for more than five days, even if it’s just a couple words scribbled on a piece of napkin or a note in her phone. If Real Life gets in the way and she has to go without her sweet, sweet fix, she morphs into a snarly, grumpy grizzly bear until she can hide in a corner with her laptop and some Good Strong Coffee. She’s not addicted though, stop grinning.

You can read more of her writing at her blog,; follow her on twitter, @siobhancrosslin; or email her at [email protected]

Fire and Soul