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A Faire Encounter [PREORDER]A Faire Encounter [PREORDER]
Elena is working the Renaissance Faire with her cousin Luís when she spots the Cutest Girl Ever, a yawning, shivering, chubby little thing dressed up in a dragon onesie. The only problem is getting her attention. She comes up with a plan: impress that adorable dragon girl at all costs. A little magic wouldn't hurt either. Content notes (possible spoilers). Click here to toggle view. A...
Diplomatic Complications [PREORDER]Diplomatic Complications [PREORDER]
After defeating an alien invasion, Earth has taken its place in the interstellar community. But not all alien species are thrilled to welcome humanity, and it's Benjamin's job to work with those species to prevent wars. The Aradon pose the biggest challenge of his career. Not only is there little information about their history or culture, it seems they don't actually sign treaties, but instead...
Beginnings [PREORDER]Beginnings [PREORDER]
The Finishers are a collective of alien beings that end worlds when "called" to do so. But when they're not ending worlds, they're extremely bored. When the Finishers meet Vana, a strange, small being, they find themselves a bit less bored—and curious about what other beings do when they're not being destroyed. Intrigued, they examine the contents of Vana's mind...and decide they'd like to...
Darkness is Illuminating [PREORDER]Darkness is Illuminating [PREORDER]
Wyatt is weary. He's been alive for more than two hundred years, and all that lies before him is at least another two centuries of the same tedium. The tales and legends of vampires are vastly more interesting than the reality. After another night of failed attempts at finding someone to connect with, Wyatt heads home, more despondent and alone than ever—and comes across a young man being...