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Kinesis [PREORDER]Kinesis [PREORDER]
Myrdu is an Avlan, a proud warrior race, with loving parents, brother, and daughter. Until he finds out it's all a lie—that Myrdu is a lie, just one of many lifetimes in the unfolding memories of Okka, shapeshifter and spy. And now Okka's mission on Avla has come to a bitter end, and xir homeworld has fallen. Unable to stay on Avla now that xe knows the truth, Okka flees to earth to buy...
The Network [PREORDER]The Network [PREORDER]
Sabine is working on a mixed-species spaceship when it abruptly comes under attack by a strange monster. When she encounters Eirlys, a set, they manage to hide together and survive the assault. They're soon rescued by Naomi, captain of a mercenary ship which was hired to kidnap the two survivors but at the last minute chose to rescue them instead—putting them, Naomi, and her crew in peril...
Universal Chemistry [PREORDER]Universal Chemistry [PREORDER]
In the aftermath of the First Contact Skirmishes, all Tom wants is to practice law and forget about aliens. Instead, he gets Iilo, an alien who comes to his office with a shoebox and a mystery. Iilo, smart and determined, persuades Tom to help figure out why Iilo's people have gone missing—by way of promising to reveal something Tom doesn't know about himself. Content notes (possible...
Open Season [PREORDER]Open Season [PREORDER]
Sometimes it really sucks being female. Especially for Juli, an alien woman going through a mating cycle that causes all genetically compatible persons to be irresistibly attracted to her—whether she or they want it. Even walking down the street is a hazard, never mind the challenges to her relationships and job. It's not easy for her partners, Kyle and Dona, either, from how Juli's cycle...