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Krystal has always felt like an outsider. As the only adopted child in her family, she longs for some kind of connection to another person. When Gita moves next door, Krystal is immediately smitten. The self-declared "Desi girl extraordinaire" provides Krystal with an insight into another culture and the possibility for love. Over ten years later, when Krystal finds out that Gita is about to be...
Windsong [PREORDER]Windsong [PREORDER]
At seventeen, Jamie was cursed to always have his inner thoughts exposed as a tattoo across his neck for all the world to see. He lost his home, his family, and his relationship with his best friend when the tattoo outed him. More than a decade later, he's a successful porn star who loves his life and never once thought about returning to the horse farm he grew up on. But his boss wants to do a...
The Locked Room [PREORDER]The Locked Room [PREORDER]
When Klin meets West, it almost seems to be too good to be true. West is handsome, intriguing, excellent in bed, and Klin especially loves his beautiful black beard. Though their jobs mean they spend a lot of time apart, their affection stays strong and West soon asks Klin to move in with him. The only caveat is that Klin never venture into the locked room on the top floor... Content notes...
Stolen Heart [PREORDER]Stolen Heart [PREORDER]
Snow White is the heir to a vast business empire. In the wake of the sudden death of her father, Arthur "King" White, she finds herself grappling with newfound responsibilities—and a mysterious admirer. After a scandalous series of correspondence, Snow finally meets the person behind the pen: the queen of the criminal underworld, Regine. Secret meetings in smoky bars. A dangerously violent...