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Sov, Sov, Sov [PREORDER]Sov, Sov, Sov [PREORDER]
For a while now, Liora and Shay have been neighbors and observed each other without daring to exchange more than pleasantries while crossing paths at the mailbox or in the staircase. On the first night of Hannukah, though, they both have candelabras to light, and there is only one box of candles at the supermarket... Content notes (possible spoilers). Click here to toggle view. Sov, Sov, Sov...
Fireworks [PREORDER]Fireworks [PREORDER]
On Canada Day, Undead Canadian Kit, his husband, Edward, and their friend Kamaria to go see the fireworks. While there, Kamaria sees words written in the sky—Help Me. Realizing the fireworks must be involved somehow, Kit steals the ones that look out of place. The ghost responsible for the message refuses to appear while Kit is nearby, but Edward and Kamaria learn the fireworks are blended...
Bedswerver [PREORDER]Bedswerver [PREORDER]
Frost is used to doing whatever he can to survive. An ex-con turned bartender, he hops from fling to fling. It's not so easy for a guy who doesn't like sex, but it beats sleeping behind a dumpster. At least he knows he can turn up at his favorite diner for a plate of pancakes and a conversation with Max, a quirky young waiter who's managed to worm his way under Frost's skin. Then Max shows up at...
Winter Star [PREORDER]Winter Star [PREORDER]
When Julie McGee notices her girlfriend Belle Manders having a hard time with the holidays, she seeks help from a friend and arranges to whisk Belle away to a place she's always loved, hoping to bring some sorely needed joy. Content notes (possible spoilers). Click here to toggle view. Winter Star contains no explicit content.   This title is available for preorder and will be...