Saving Liam [Audiobook]

Author(s): Sasha L. Miller  

Categories: Audiobooks   Fantasy   Gay   Poly  

AB004  ♦   120,000 words  ♦  

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Leyton lived a quiet, simple life as a prosperous, thriving merchant alongside his twin brother Liam. But that life is shattered when Liam goes missing, and Leyton is told that the only way to save his brother's life is to seduce a king. The task proves to be even more difficult than Leyton feared, and soon he is swept up in a tide of political machinations, betrayal, and a looming threat of execution once the men who blackmailed him are caught.

But the threat of his pending death is nothing alongside the constant fear for his missing brother's safety—and the tangle of intrigue in which he is caught is nothing like the tangle he put himself in after breaking the heart of a king...
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Saving Liam contains some explicit content and features a poly (M/M/M) relationship involving twins (incest). The audiobook runs for 13 hours and 20 minutes and is narrated by Paul Morey. First edition cover art by Lainey Durand.

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This book was released on Wednesday 29 January, 2014.