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Apr 27: Hollywood Love, Robots and Secret Agents, Last Chances, and More!

Wednesday, April 27th, 2016

New this week! 

Love vs. the Limelight To Terminator, With Love

Check out this week's fun, action-packed LGBTQA releases!

  • Love vs. the Limelight by Manda Olie: Rick Campbell is the Hollywood Heartthrob who has it all: a great career, an excellent agent, and fantastic friends. Unfortunately, he also has a secret that could potentially ruin his success. His reputation as a lady-killer is completely fabricated in order to ensure he keeps getting work. 

    His silence when it comes to the truth may cost him Christian, the love of his life, who's grown tired of being a dirty little secret and has issued Rick an ultimatum: tell the truth or lose Christian. Heartbroken and afraid, harassed by reporters and adrift in a world that's slowly changing, Rick has to choose between the life he's worked hard to build and the man he doesn't want to live without.

  • To Terminator, With Love by Wes Kennedy: Dexter Wu's life is hectic, but he's managing—mostly. He's on the verge of finishing grad school, and that means putting the final touches on his number one project: HAL, a social robot and children's storytelling companion. But his best friend is leaving the country for good, his birthday's coming up, he's swamped with studying for finals, and he hasn't slept in days.

    He's also going to destroy the world.

    At least, his robot is, according to the possibly untrustworthy Agency, an organization whose mission is to protect the world at all costs. After his birthday party turns into a fight for his life, Dexter's simple life of fast food and Netflix binges is replaced by a glitchy oracle, the world's douchiest secret agents, and an ever-increasing chain of conspiracies.

    With the help of Andre, a mysterious and disenchanted young agent turned rogue, Dexter sets out to plead his case to the Director in an effort to get his life back to what counts as normal—but he should know by now nothing is ever so easy.



LT3 is celebrating our seventh anniversary! This year, we’re giving you 25% off all books (ebooks, paperbacks, and an additional 25% off already discounted preorder pricing!) in the LT3 Book Market, and we’re also bringing back our ever-popular raffle with new and exciting prizes!

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Coming Next Week!

Fur, Feathers, and Claws Good Together

On May 4, is pleased to offer you the historical M/M/M romance Fur, Feathers, and Claws by David Connor and the sweet hurt/comfort read Good Together by Valentina Heart!

Tip! You can save 36% on all titles preordered at LT3 through April 30, and 15% on books preordered May 1 or later. You also accrue reward points that you can use to save on future orders (earn $0.05 per $1.00)!

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We've posted all of our June releases and some of our July releases! To save 36% on the list price of all preorders, visit the LT3 Book Market before April 30. After April 30, the preorder discount returns to the standard 15% off. To see all of our coming soons, click here!

Submission Call Closing! Sharing the Season

LT3's holiday collection, Sharing the Season, closes on April 30, 2016! Get your LGBTQA holiday romances in before the end of the month! Click here for full details.

LT3 News and Releases for January 21, 2015

Wednesday, January 21st, 2015

Check out LT3’s News for January 21, 2015:

» Poll posted! Drop by and cast your vote for LT3’s featured author for February 2015, choosing from nominees T.T. Kove, Alex Powell, Angel Propps, and Rachel White.

» Deadline approaching! Submissions for Intertwined, LT3’s poly collection, close on January 31! Get your threesomes (and moresomes!) in before the end of the month!

» Now in paperback! Get Songs of the Earth by Lexi Ander and The Oracle: Books 1-3 by Mell Eight in print today, and preorder the paperback compilation The Mechanical Universe by E.E. Ottoman!

Blood Bonds

Now available! Blood Bonds by Kayla Bain-Vrba

Two years ago, a virus swept over the population, turning most of it into zombie-like creatures. Now, Sean and his lover Aaron are part of a group of survivors desperately seeking a safe haven.

But the lovers are only recently reunited, and Aaron is not the same man Sean knew when they were separated, leaving him wondering if the bond they had two years ago is strong enough to survive the hell in which they now live…

» 11,500 words
» Gay romance, paranormal
» $1.99

The Oracle's Golem

Now available! The Oracle’s Golem by Mell Eight

Golem has never known anything but pain. He exists solely to serve the Oracle’s whims and needs. Determined to escape a life of abuse and servitude, he runs away and finds refuge in a cave.

Then one day a child falls asleep in his lap…

Marl isn’t anyone special. He’s low in the Earth Caste, set to watch over the Caste’s problem child, Lichen. In search of the errant Lichen one day, he unexpectedly comes across Golem hiding deep in the mountains. Even more surprising is the reason that Golem is hiding, a reason that forces Marl to make a choice: Oracle or Golem.

» 20,000 words
» Gay romance, fantasy, The Oracle
» $3.99

Defying Convention

Cecil Wilde – 01/28

Danny and AJ have been online friends and secretly in love with each other for years. When they decide to share a room at a convention, they are both anxious about meeting and how their friendship might change when faced with the challenges easily avoided behind the safety of computer screens…

Defying Convention
Double Take

J.K. Pendragon – 01/28

Studying magical science is a dream come true for Teka, but focusing on school doesn’t mean xe can’t also admire Hasani, the handsome grad student overseeing Teka’s work. Then late one night at the library, Teka runs into a flirty, casual Hasani. But when xe discovers why Hasani is so different by night, there seems to be no resolution except heartache…

Double Take
Horse Crazy

Caitlin Ricci – 01/28

Melody and her teenage daughter, Kristen, have moved to Colorado for a fresh start. Living completely as a woman for the first time, Melody promises Kristen riding lessons for being so wonderful. Happy just to see her daughter among the horses she loves so much, Melody does not expect the handsome man who sits down next to her…

Horse Crazy
Long Macchiatos and Monster

Alison Evans – 01/28

Jalen meets the far-too-handsome P in a café while deciding whether or not to skip uni. When P invites them to a double feature of Robot Monster and Cat Women of the Moon, Jalen can hardly believe that hot boys like bad sci-fi, too. But as their relationship progresses, Jalen realizes P leaves them wondering if they’re on the same page about what dating means…

Long Macchiatos and Monsters
Love Rampage

Alex Powell – 01/28

Maira has always wanted a unicorn, but isn’t quite prepared when one shows up on her doorstep and kidnaps her—and proclaims that Maira must confess her feelings to the girl she loves. Maira is definitely reluctant to follow through with that, but everything changes when Carol is kidnapped by a demon…

Love Rampage

Alden Lila Reedy – 01/28

The last thing Chris expects when he’s forced to take sewing lessons is to enjoy them or for sewing to lead him to cosplay and a new friend who convinces him to dress up as female characters. He definitely doesn’t expect the realizations that cosplay stirs that could cost Chris not just his friends, but his family as well.

Of Anime and the Baeci

Alessandra Ebulu – 01/28

All Ray wants is peace and quiet—something he is never going to get with his idiotic neighbor blasting anime and crazy music at all hours. When he finally breaks down and asks Cata to knock it off, he doesn’t expect a friendship to develop. And he definitely does not anticipate a romance…

Of Anime and the Baeci
Sext Based Adventures

Francis Gideon – 01/28

Chris thought he had put his gaming days behind him… but he couldn’t resist the urge to return. This time, he plays as a woman—a persona he maintains when he meets Jessica. When Jessica offers online sex, Chris still doesn’t confess his secret, even when their relationship turns serious. Then Jessica proposes they meet offline, and Chris is forced to confront the questions he’s been avoiding…

Sext Based Adventures

Light Perpetual Shines

Kathleen Hayes – 02/04

Sam works as a hospital chaplain and volunteers as chaplain with the local police department. Called to the scene of a domestic dispute, he crosses paths with Frank, best friend of the victim. Though the two share a moment, they go their separate ways… but meet again outside the hospital after one of Sam’s patients dies…

Light Perpetual Shines
Remember Me Not, My Love

J.D. Walker – 02/04

When Terry turned eighteen, he wound end up homeless and alone, abandoned by family and friends for being gay. Though it took him years, he found his feet again. Then a man from his past knocks him right back down again, driving home to Terry that he will never be worthy of friendship or family…

Remember Me Not, My Love
Road Trip

A.F. Henley – 02/11

For as long as Boyd can remember, he’s been pushing pins into a map. Carson City, Las Vegas, Albuquerque—all places he wants to see, for a dozen reasons that wouldn’t mean a thing to anyone else. Oliver seems like just another kid with a broken dream when their paths cross in Vegas. Against Boyd’s better judgment, he offers to let Oliver hitch along…

Coming Soon
Winter’s Bees

E.E. Ottoman – 02/11

Lord Marcel de la Mont de Anges has been in love with Prince Gilbert André XVI, since they were children. The Emperor’s plans to arrange a marriage between them should have been the answer to all his secret fantasies. But Gilbert is still reeling from a nasty breakup and cannot picture the man he regards as a brother becoming his lover…

Winter's Bees
Rabbit Season

Megan Derr – 02/18

Sidney has quietly loved twin brothers Brook and Colby for years, watching and pining when they came to his house for the summer each year. Then the twins and their mother are attacked, and the twins come to stay with Sidney’s family until the attackers are caught and Sidney learns that all things have their season…

Rabbit Season
The Errant Prince

Sasha L. Miller – 02/18

Myron’s task is easy enough on the surface: locate the runaway Prince Tamsen and bring him home. But Tamsen is not merely a talented wizard, he’s an exceptionally stubborn one, and dozens of others have already failed at the task. When he manages to find the cabin where Tamsen is hiding, Myron isn’t foolish enough to mistake the find for a victory…

The Errant Prince
Moscow Nights

T.T. Kove – 02/25

Called home to Russia to attend his sister’s wedding, Demitri impulsively invites his best friend, Sander, to come along and see the sites of Moscow the week before the wedding. It’s an impulse he almost immediately regrets, because spending time together with Sander, just the two of them, will make it harder than ever to pretend that he doesn’t see Sander as anything more…

Moscow Nights
The Diary

R.M. Jane – 02/25

John Bridly has been enamored with Paul Duvant, son a of a rich American merchant, since the moment he laid eyes on him. But though the love proves mutual, John is a marquess and has a duty to his family. When Paul has to return to his homeland, John’s duty forbids him from following and the lovers part. One year later, John finds a mysterious diary…

Moscow Nights
Everyone’s a Casualty

Jaidon Wells – 03/05

Joel is more in love with a fantasy world than he is with his own life. He spends his days slipping between reality and the world on the other side of his bedroom door… but something is haunting the world he’s created, and when it slips out into the real world Joel must choose: surrender the world he loves, or tear it down.

Everyone's a Casualty
Losing Ground

Sasha L. Miller – 03/05

Carter is the heir to his family’s Earth-claimed territory, but he’s the weakest wizard in generations. Still, he’s set to inherit the territory—if there’s anything left of it. It’s being ravaged by a disease they can’t cure… and then a new Earth wizard appears. Tai is magically strong and he knows how to cure the disease, but he’s also terrified and on the run…

Losing Ground
As Spring Rain

Valentina Heart – 03/12

Gabriel is hell-bent on self-destruction. Every man he chooses is a man who will hurt him, and when he can’t find others to do it he turns to hurting himself. Whatever it takes to bury the wrenching, forbidden, but inescapable feelings tearing him apart. But everyone has a breaking point, and when his twin brother Michael comes to pick up the pieces something will have to give before there aren’t any pieces left…

As Spring Rain
Shine Forever

Megan Derr – 03/12

Dai gave up everything when he ran away with his cousin to create their rock band and live the way they want. The one thing he refuses to do is hide. Cooper never anticipated country music stardom. The one thing he can never do is make his sexuality public. But when a chance meeting turns into a passionate night that neither can forget, a tenuous relationship neither wants to let go, someone is going to have to break the rules…

Shine Forever
A Woman Scorned

Rachel Frank – 03/18

Once a maidservant to a rich lord’s daughter, Aurelia now spends her days on a much more indulgent career: killing worthless men for gold. When she is offered a rewarding rescue job, she expects it to be a challenge but manageable. But the job is shrouded in mystery and brings with it long-buried memories. The woman she is being paid to rescue may end up being the greatest challenge she’s ever faced…

A Woman Scorned
Closed Eyes

Jerry Bomhan – 03/18

Ryo was once a soldier, a hardened warrior who put her life on the line without hesitation or regret. Then she met Kei and found someone worth living for. Now Kei has vanished, and Ryo must once again don the garb of a warrior. However, a life of peaceful labor has dulled her previously sharpened edges, and the mission to save the love of her life may be her final in more ways than one…

Closed Eyes
Grow Wild

K.M. Penemue – 03/18

Josie has been drifting from town to town for years. When she rolls into Rio Plato, it’s not work she’s hunting, but an old enemy. Dahlia owns the Sentimental Lady saloon and brothel, where Josie stays. But though Josie feels the pull between her and Dahlia, she refuses to get involved and risk dragging Dahlia into the aimless life she leads—assuming she doesn’t wind up with a noose around her neck.

Grow Wild
Like Stolen Pearls

Talya Andor – 03/18

Bridgit Canliss is eager to accomplish her first mission as a Lissian Knight, an order that protects the queendom of Aqueliss from supernatural horrors. When she comes up against Sylvaine, a witch whose genteel manner is at odds with the crimes she supposedly commits, Bridgit’s resolve grows to find a way to protect innocents—and also somehow save the witch who’s been weaving nightmares…

Like Stolen Pearls

Kayla Bain-Vrba – 03/18

Determined to escape an arranged marriage, and with very few options available, Danna brings a curse down on herself and settles into life in an enchanted tower. The very last thing she needs or wants is to be rescued, no matter how beautiful or compelling her unexpected rescuer is.

Periwinkle Cove

Cassandra Pierce – 03/18

One year ago Darcy’s lover, Gail, died in a mysterious accident at a seaside cottage. When Darcy learns that she has only three months to live, she decides to return to the cottage to find out what happened to Gail. Assisting her in the quest is Livia, a new acquaintance with a peculiar connection to the sea who claims she may know a way to save Darcy’s life…

Periwinkle Cove

Elizabeth Andre – 03/18

Angela’s rocky past has led her to a sentence of maintenance work on the Yemaya, an alien underwater ship devoted to research. Angela doesn’t expect much excitement… but that was before she encounters the fearsome Taijiku or meets Stella, who leaves Angela with a different problem and unable to say which is the greater challenge: giant sea monsters or falling in love.

The Broken Forest

Megan Derr – 03/18

When women and children begin to vanish, the people of Edge village summon a Huntress. Adamina accepts the assignment, but when she arrives, the simple assignment she anticipated proves instead to be complicated—complicated enough she must consult with a witch. A beautiful, compelling witch that makes Adamina sharply aware of her own lonely life, and tempts her to make it less lonely.

The Broken Forest
The Clockwork Heart

Lilliana Rose – 03/18

Haunted by a past lover and left with scars so deep Libby gave up her life as an explorer, she spends her days trying to avoid bad memories by training ruthlessly with Helen, the woman she hired to teach her self-defense. Helen is beautiful, appealing, and could be what Libby needs to climb out of her past once and for all. Until the past returns and threatens to destroy Libby and all she holds dear…

The Clockwork Heart
High and Mighty

S.S. Skye – 03/25

Lynley has been stuck in a tower for over a month, and each day is worse than the one before. She doesn’t know why she’s there, or who’s responsible for it, but the very moment her feet touch the ground there is going to be hell to pay.

High and Mighty
Hunting a Lady

Caitlin Ricci, Cari Z. – 03/25

Before completing her training in leather working, Jessa’s master dies, leaving her at the cruel hands of his son Brent. When the local lord’s daughter, Marguerite, is kidnapped and a reward is offered for her rescue, finding her is a chance at escape that Jessa can’t ignore. Unfortunately, Jessa’s not the only one out for the reward, and if she hopes to claim it she’s first got to keep them both alive…

Hunting a Lady
Lies and Reverie

Camilla Quinn – 03/25

Liddy spends the majority of her life minding her father’s shop and trying to keep her sister, Caroline, out of trouble. Then her sister catches the eye of a nobleman, and the sisters are thrust into the tangled world of upper class society. Liddy crosses paths with the beautiful, compelling Lady Sophia Sinclair, the most powerful woman in Dunnshire. But what chance would a poor shop girl ever have with a real life princess?

Lies and Reverie
Living in Sin

Anastasia Vitsky – 03/25

Sick of playing “roommate” for the sake of her girlfriend’s religious, tight-knit family, Audra issues an ultimatum: Tell your family, or I move out. After all, Audra’s family supports her and loves Ciara as a second daughter. Why would Ciara’s family be any different? Caught between her family and her girlfriend, Ciara resents being forced to choose. How can Ciara shatter her family by forcing the truth on them?

Living in Sin
Open Waters

Valerie Mores – 03/25

Captain Jane Avery of the Tantibus has been pirating for more than ten years. With a crew at her command and a ship under her feet, she is a terror to anyone with the misfortune of crossing her path. Her latest conquest is just one more on the list. When they find a common whore aboard, Jane orders the woman be brought along, never realizing the impact one decision can have, and that even an unstoppable pirate has a weakness…

Open Waters
Sky Knights

Alex Powell – 03/25

Dounia and Ira are part of the Nightwitches, an elite squad of night bombers determined to help bring down Axis forces. They are proud and fearless—until tragedy strikes and their plane is shot down behind enemy lines, and their determination may not be enough to get them home safe.

Sky Knights
The Adventures of Monkey Girl and Tiger Kite

Kai Schalk – 03/25

High school would be a lot easier to deal with if Sunny Wong did not have to balance schoolwork with superhero shenanigans. But superhero she is, gifted the powers of Chinese folk hero Monkey, and when zombies start appearing it’s up to her and her sidekick, Delia, to figure out who’s responsible for raising the dead and why…

The Adventures of Monkey Girl and Tiger Kite
The Mercenary

Annabelle Kitch – 03/25

Pidge is a mercenary: uncouth, poor, far from the type of beautiful woman the royal court would deem appropriate company for Princess Trina, her childhood friend and lover. Life is easier, even kinder in many ways, on the road and in run-down towns where nobody cares about anything but how well she wields her sword. But when she learns that Trina has been trapped in an unwanted engagement, Pidge is determined to save her…

The Mercenary

Althea Claire Duffy – 03/25

In the port city of Auragos, seven merchant Houses vie for control of the trade that has made the city wealthy. Raised as a spy for House Corellis, Elunet has played many roles. Sent to uncover proof of treason by their greatest rival, House Mellas, Elunet is more than happy to see the despicable family brought down. But then she meets Tavia—heir to House Mellas, student mage, and nothing that Elunet expected.


05/25/11: Serial updates and a new ebook!

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

Serial Updates

Check out this week’s serial updates, including Chapter 3 of Sasha L Miller’s The Fairy’s Assistant, part of our Fairy Tale serial, and Chapter 1 of The Wolf and the Moon by Kayla Bain-Vrba, part of our Bad Moon Rising serial! You can find all current and past chapters on the serial fiction page. For previous Bad Moon Rising stories, see the Bad Moon Rising index.

New ebook: Forget Me Not by R.L. Shephard

Less Than Three Press is pleased to offer new ebook Forget Me Not by R.L. Shephard for just $3.99!

A junkie addicted to vampire blood, Zach roams around the country as an unattached thrall, always looking for the next vampire to temporarily satisfy his craving. Then he falls in with Jian, a Master-class vampire cursed by a witch to slowly fade from existence. When the witch destroys his home, Jian runs with Zach to start over somewhere else.

He finds a place as Master of Detroit, a position that helps to delay the effects of his terrible curse. But when Silas catches up to them, Jian is out of time and must make a choice about what matters more: his regained power or his blood junkie thrall.

Forget Me Not by R.L. Shephard

Serial Updates—Pas Comme Ça and Greenwood

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

This week we’ve got two new stories starting in our That Famous Happy End and Fairy Tales series.

Pas Comme Ça by Sophie Hung

Check out our latest Famous Happy End:

Matt is miserable. Tragedy shattered the life he loved, and unfeeling relatives tore apart the dreams that were all he had left. Living a lonely, empty life while attending school in England, Matt only barely remembers what it was like to be happy. He focuses only on getting the education he is told to get, and obtaining the career he is told to obtain, and ignores everything else.

But then he meets his new neighbor when he attempts to save the man from a fall down the stairs, and despite himself, Matt finds he is being pulled from the misery in which he has so long been mired.

Prior stories in the That Famous Happy End series have been moved to their own page. Click here to view past Famous Happy Ends. Access all parts and chapters for current serials from the serial fiction page.

Greenwood by Remington Ward

Read the first part of Greenwood by Remington Ward, a Robin Hood remake:

Several years ago, Atherton lost everything he had in striving to defend the man he loved. The people he can never see again—including the object of his unrequited love—believe him long dead. Now, Atherton spends his days living a new life, a new identity—that of a mysterious man in a dark hood, moving across the country with his band of thieves to steal from the rich…

As always, you can view prior stories in the Fairy Tale series from the Fairy Tale page. Access all parts and chapters for current serials from the serial fiction page.

Serial updates and a new author!

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

This week’s serial updates feature Chapter 27 of Megan Derr’s Bound and the first two parts of Busted, by LT3’s newest author, Zachary O’Toole. The first part of Busted is available to read free, but you must have a serial fiction subscription to read the second part.


Please also remember to download your copy of the Runaways ebook by Megan Derr. This ebook is available free of charge to all subscribers, but for the next two weeks only Download your copy today!

New Fairy Tale!

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

LT3 Press is pleased to announce the beginning of a new Fairy Tale story, The Wizard’s Tower by new author Sasha Miller. Check out the first chapter for free!

New News!

Thursday, June 11th, 2009

Beginning July 1st, LT3 Press will feature a new author, Andra Sashner, with her novel Of Suits and Swords.

Also new in July:

  • The Missing Butterfly, a new novel by Megan Derr
  • The start of a new fairy tale.


Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

Are you looking for romantic gay fiction featuring all happy endings all the time? Then you’re in the right place! Less than Three Press is pleased to offer gay fiction in the form of serialized novels and themed short stories.

Currently, Less than Three Press is offering the following fiction by Megan Derr:

  • Bound, a novel
  • Fairy Tales, themed short stories
  • Bonus! If you sign up for an account today, you additionally get access to a bonus short story.

In the future, LT3 Press hopes to expand our offerings, including more stories updating each month and by more authors.