Excerpt: She’s With Me

On the TV screen, giant robots were destroying a poorly CGI’d city. Meeka lay back on the couch, and from the kitchen came the sounds of Izzy pottering around, and the sudden, heavenly smell of cherry pie. Shortly, Izzy came back into the living room with one plate, one fork, and one slice of sweet, flaky, runny goodness. She sat down cross-legged on the chair by Meeka’s head and began to eat.

Meeka gave her big puppy-dog eyes. “No pie for me?”

“What’s the magic word?” said Izzy.

“Pleeeease?” Meeka did the eyes even bigger and rounder, until Izzy laughed. Then she scooped up a forkful of pie and held it out a couple of inches from Meeka’s face.

Meeka wasn’t proud, not where pie was concerned. She lifted her head and ate the pie off the end of the fork. “Mmm,” she said, and flopped back onto the couch. She felt a little stupid and unaccountably warm, not just from the pie, even if it was fresh out of the oven and delicious. From here she had an excellent view of Izzy’s legs. There was a nick in the back of one knee where she’d probably cut herself shaving, and her toenails were painted purple. She was watching the movie, where a scientist was now explaining his plan to destroy the robots. The science was ridiculous, and Izzy’s laugh had a snort in it; it dimpled her cheeks and lifted her chin, making an elegant line of her neck.

Another forkful of pie was hovering in front Meeka’s face, Izzy holding the fork almost absently, like it was an afterthought to her movie-watching experience. Meeka ate it. Izzy was still facing the movie, but she was watching Meeka from the corner of her eye, and Meeka was sure that Izzy saw her blush and the curl of her toes, even if she didn’t say anything.

Meeka tried to watch the movie. That didn’t work very well.

If Izzy had been looking at her, Meeka probably would have gotten embarrassed—well, more embarrassed—and stopped. But as it was, she ate and stared at Izzy and tried to pretend she wasn’t feeling the way she was feeling. Izzy was her friend, and not into girls as far as Meeka knew, and besides—

“Hey,” said Meeka, “where are you going?”

Not like she was complaining, exactly; Izzy’s skirt rode low around her hips and she had a very nice ass. There was a swing to it even when she was doing an ordinary thing like walking to the kitchen.

Izzy waved her fork vaguely in Meeka’s direction. “I’m getting some more pie. Someone ate all of mine.”

“You’re weird,” Meeka called after her.

Izzy came back with a second slice, sat down on her chair, and everything was right with Meeka’s world again. She thought about doing the big eyes and asking for that piece of pie too, but couldn’t quite work up the nerve. Izzy started eating.

The giant robots were now rampaging on a beach. One of them picked up a girl wearing a tiny black bikini, who started to squirm and shriek. Izzy would look great in that bikini, but her personality reminded Meeka more of the giant robot.

“I may be weird,” said Izzy between bites, “but you’re the one who ate all the pie I gave you. You could have gotten your own.”

Meeka shrugged. “And get up from the couch? No, thank you.” She flipped onto her belly, rested her chin on crossed arms, and grinned up at Izzy. “I’ve got everything I want right here.”

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